Volunteer for NLP research

Volunteers: Discover amazing things about how your mind works! NLP strategy-mapping (a.k.a. NLP modeling) is lots of fun for you. For the researcher team, finding out how people do things is extremely valuable for developing new interventions and more effective self-help methods. Your participation can potentially help thousands to millions of people.

In addition to research topics that anyone can volunteer for, I’m looking for volunteers in the following categories:

  • good readers who LOVE to read, read fast, and have good comprehension
  • dyslexics

Intervention testers: Test new training methods, change work techniques, and self-help methods.

NLP modelers: If you have NLP training and are interested in learning modeling, or already do it, volunteer to help expand the NLP frontier.

NLP developers: I’m looking for top people to work with to greatly expand NLP and the range of what it can do.

To apply, contact me here and let me know you’d like to volunteer.