NLP training videos

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The very best way to learn NLP is to do a live training with a top-notch training institute such as the NLP Institute of California or NLP Comprehensive in Colorado, USA. If that’s not feasible — or if you want to review your training, as I am about to — your second-best option is doing a top-notch video training.

NLP is like dancing: you need to see it and do it to really understand it and get it in muscle memory. Plan on training with someone, preferably several people. Ideally, do the exercises face to face with at least one other person (so you can see, hear, and feel exact details). It’s best to practice with multiple people, and you can do some of that by video. (See tips on video learning)

Here are a few of my top picks:

NLP Comprehensive’s Portable Practitioner Training On DVD

Experience a full 20-day NLP Practitioner course from 5 top NLP trainers: Steve Andreas, Charles Faulkner, Tom Best, Adam Reynolds, and Jan Prince. Full description here.

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NLP Comprehensive’s Portable Master Practitioner Training On DVD

Experience a full 20-day NLP Master Practitioner training from 6 top NLP trainers: David Gordon, Tom Best, Charles Faulkner, Adam Reynolds, Tamara Andreas, and Steve Andreas. Full description here.

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