List of NLP practitioners

Joy Livingwell, mental performance trainer

I only see clients related to issues I am currently researching.

As of May 2021, I am working with people who have difficulty doing required writing for college, work, or a career change. Apply to get into the program.

The other way to get to work with me is to volunteer as a research participant. Work with me to explore how you do a skill or issue. Be a tester for brand new interventions. Or put your NLP skills to work doing NLP modeling.

Other NLP practitioners

Want to find a practitioner to work with for any other issue? These folks are extremely skilled:

Michael Harris (Texas USA) specializes in performance improvement and helping people perform well under pressure — whether in athletics or business, health issues, or relationships. His Advanced Mental Toughness Training program for entrepreneurs and athletes was spectacularly successful in helping me stay calm, resourceful, and happy during cancer treatment in 2021.

Duff McDuffee (Colorado, USA) Specializes in performance improvement (especially procrastination, low productivity, and helping creative procrastinators), resolving anxiety, happiness training, and working with people who are not neurotypical (example: Asperger syndrome). Very skilled,  highly flexible, and extremely fun to work with.

Pati McDermott (USA and worldwide by phone) Very systematic and thorough. Pati does both NLP and Thought Pattern Management (TPM), an advanced NLP offshoot.

Andrew T. Austin (United Kingdom) An NLP developer and trainer, Andy has a great reputation. I have not worked with him myself.

Jørgen Rasmussen (Norway — website in Norwegian; Jørgen also speaks English) Treatment innovator and author of the book Provocative Hypnosis. I have not worked with him myself.