Recommended NLP books

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Some of my favorite NLP books.

Not quite NLP

The Open Mind by Dawna Markova

The Open Mind: Exploring the 6 Patterns of Intelligence by Dawna Markova. Explores how people use sensory modalities in a model that greatly enriches NLP. Find out how to accommodate your own natural intelligence, and improve communication and rapport with others. Highly recommended. Not an NLP book, the distinctions within it will help any therapist, life coach, hypnotist, or NLPer do a better job of connecting with clients. Also useful for the layperson, as you’ll discover a lot about how you work best, and how to better communicate with loved ones. Buy on Amazon.

Introductory NLP

Using Your Brain for a Change by Richard Bandler

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement is packed with exercises you can do to swiftly and easily improve yourself and your life. I eliminated a lifetime phobia in under half an hour using this book. A great introduction to NLP, even more useful for experienced NLPers. Buy on Amazon.

Core Transformation by Connirae & Tamara Andreas

Using Your Brain—For a Change by NLP cofounder Richard Bandler is a favorite NLP beginner’s book because it’s funny, irreverent, and easy to read. Includes powerful exercises and techniques. Best if you visualize easily. Buy on Amazon.

Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within by Connirae and Tamara Andreas. Guide yourself through a simple but profound process for self-healing and achieving inner harmony. Beginner to advanced. Buy on Amazon.

Social Panoramas: Changing the Unconscious Landscape with NLP and Psychotherapy by Lucas Derks explore how people represent and think about social relationships — and how to quickly and powerfully change them. Beginner to advanced. Buy on Amazon.

Intermediate to advanced NLP

Transforming Your Self: Becoming Who You Want to Be. Steve Andreas’s new book results from ten years of research into how people with effective self-concepts create them, and how you can do the same. Best done with 2 or 3 friends. Intermediate to advanced. Buy on Amazon.

Change Your Mind — And Keep the Change by Steve & Connirae Andreas

Change Your Mind—And Keep the Change by Connirae and Steve Andreas. Packed with great techniques, and so clearly written that even people with little NLP experience can take themselves through many of the processes. Valuable to the experienced NLPer as well. Buy on Amazon.

Heart of the Mind by Connirae and Steve Andreas. Another clearly written classic, full of valuable techniques and marvelous examples of skillful interventions. Contains different techniques than Change Your Mind. Buy on Amazon.

Modeling with NLP by Robert Dilts

Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP and NLP New Coding. A 1,500 page opus by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier, with articles on virtually every NLP topic. Limited daily page views online at low resolution (prints poorly). Buy from the NLP University Press online store.

Modeling With NLP by Robert Dilts. NLP’s techniques got built with modeling — the process of figuring out how someone does something (including the crucial out-of-awareness elements) so you can do or teach it. Knowing how to model means you can learn and apply other people’s genius strategies. Buy on Amazon or the NLP University Press online store.

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Self-help books that really work.

Hypnosis books: beginning to advanced.

Beyond books

Often people want to make the sorts of changes recommended in the books above, but something stops them. If that “something” is unconscious and outside your awareness, it can be very difficult to change from within. Find an NLP practitioner to help you.