Recommended hypnosis books

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Beginning hypnosis

Monsters and Magical Sticks by Steven Heller & Terry Steele

Monsters and Magical Sticks: There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis? by Steven Heller and Terry Steele, introduction by Robert Anton Wilson. A delightful and incisive introduction to hypnosis, with some NLP. Includes marvelous therapeutic metaphors. Buy on Amazon.

Intermediate to advanced hypnosis

Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Guide by Tad James, Lorraine Flores, and Jack Schober. Good history of hypnosis, and a great bibliography that lists virtually every hypnosis book. Buy on Amazon.

More book topics

Self-help books that really work.

NLP books: powerful personal development, beginning to advanced.

Beyond books

Often people want to make the sorts of changes recommended in the books above, but something stops them. If that “something” is unconscious and outside your awareness, it can be very difficult to change from within. Find an NLP practitioner to help you.